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Building A Better And Bright Future

Building A Better And Bright Future

We believe that our children are our future, and towards that end we invest in our future by nurturing strong and motivated children. This is achieved through holistically driving awareness of different opportunities that today’s youth can participate in while giving them the tools to recognize harmful societal elements that are detrimental to their progress.

One of the ways we achieve this is by conducting awareness talks in different schools, to students of different age groups and disciplines, to motivate them to get involved. We aim to show today’s youth how they can better their society and their future by being involved, within the field of health, hygiene, safety, cleanliness, environment and humanity. In addition, we also drive awareness of the impact of tobacco and drugs among the younger generation in Dubai through the initiative of the Consulate General of India (Students Working Against Tobacco Alcohol Narcotic and Related Abuses).

Alongside the above, we also bring the latest updates within Science and Technology to these schools and children by conducting workshops and competitions. Not only does this help to disseminate knowledge and create excitement, this also provides the youth with a platform to showcase their talent and participate in the latest technological developments.

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