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Supporting The Differently Abled

Supporting The Differently Abled

FOI group is actively involved in monthly lectures and inclusion programs conducted by PRERANA, which is an initiative of the Indian Consulate towards differently abled persons in different schools. As part of our involvement, FOI group also coordinates awareness programs in schools, colleges and universities across the country. The objective is to drive awareness of the daily lives of a differently abled person, making it a personal conversation versus an obsolete one. Through this we aim to shine light on the positive achievements of the differently abled as well.

In addition to this, the goal of PRERANA is also to improve the quality of lives for those who are differently abled, with the main focus behind building their confidence and independence. To this end, we have also initiated several vocational training programs for the families of members with special needs. This not only assists in developing a sense of independence amongst the differently abled but also helps their families provide the differently abled with the level of support that is required in order for them to succeed, working towards a common goal together.

On the other hand, we also volunteer with SNF development centers with their major events that help put them and their multiple efforts in improving the lives of the differently abled on the map, further building awareness.



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