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Dedicated Efforts To Help The Under-privileged

Dedicated Efforts To Help The Under-privileged

One of the goals that FOI works towards is to find opportunities through which we can get together as a community and help improve the quality of lives of those who are less privileged than us without having to rely or depend on monetary support from third parties. These activities can range anywhere from meditation camps to providing computer awareness.

The end goal is find avenues for improvement, and applying our time and effort towards their betterment. This includes assistance in a professional level and a personal level. The various activities that we undertake include but are not limited to the follows: conducting yoga and meditation sessions to eliminate stress and promote a healthy and balanced mind and life, conducting workshops on health and hygiene awareness and the need for the same, educating them with basic language skills in order to be able to fill in any different type of application/immigration forms, etc, providing computer awareness to help them browse for general information without having to rely on a third person, one on one counseling activities to ensure that they are armed with the capacity to face different types of challenging situations. The end goal is to make every individual self-reliant and confident.


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